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Introducing the team at Hainsworth & Co.

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Owner of Hainsworth & Co. Salon and Hair Designer for 10 years. Specializes in Hainsworth & Co. Beaded Weft Extensions,natural hair color desires and master cutting. You will receive a beautiful luxurious hair experience while witnessing her passion for educating her customers and her drive for making women feel confidence. 

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i want you guys to meet the most special person in my life ERIC : i met Eric when I was 19 and finally felt complete when he became mine forever 9 months later ! we have been married for 7 years and i am so proud to be his wife. he has always BELIEVED in me and my crazy drive through change and challenge. he has always become the perfect representation of support and love to me and today is a day that shows that more than any. 

he decided a year ago to approach me with the thought , "what if i came on board and opened a salon with you". now this approach was very sweet and romantic seeing as i came home from work one day to music + flowers + candle light dinner. he has so much respect for all the hard work I've put in to making this dream turn into a reality. (little did he know; he was always the missing link) once he said he was A L L in that's when i knew i was ready.

we have spent countless nights putting our business plan together chapter by chapter page by page and i am CONFIDENT in saying that he is the perfect person and the O N L Y person meant to be my business partner / CO OWNER of H&Co. 

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it was pure amazing luck that i met this beautiful and truly talented girl back in november at my BRAID BAR : we met and instantly felt something for each other that was more powerful than i can describe. 

we chatted about the fact that she was a hair designer as well + how she struggled to find a salon that had her best interest at heart. i felt like i should bring up the fact that i had Hainsworth & Co. in the works and before i could finish my sentence she said she was interested ! + that is where it all began ; we have spent countless hours of training in all color + cuts + washes + styles and more and i am confident to say she is one of my F U L L time stylists !! accepting new clients and ready to tackle this industry with myself and the rest of my H&Co. 

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i met maddie @ my first az salon job only a few short months after we moved here. we became friends shortly after and have become closer than ever since then !

maddie has had very similar training as i have and we have become mentors to each other in so many ways. i am confident in saying that maddie is one of my STYLISTS and is now accepting clients ; i am so excited to see how far you go with this opportunity and just as you've proven to being an amazing mother, you've proven how much you belong in this industry of ours. 



Christina has been licensed since 2017 and was trained by our owner Tara while working as her personal assistant. She has a passion for people and loves getting to know new clients. She is always laughing and having fun in the salon. She loves working with blondes : highlights + balayage and especially transforming hair with Hainsworth & Co. Beaded Weft Extensions. She says what drives her is the power that a hair designer has to empower women and help them achieve true confidence by bringing out the beauty within.

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 meet P A I S L E Y , so, pais is a 7 years old shih-tzu ! she is one of the H&Co. pups : pais only has a handful of tricks but one of those tricks is that she can clap her hands ! she's kind of the product of an owner who was "n o t " a dog person when we first got her. i have come a long way : but i can admit that i am to blame for her human-like behavior. she's picky but once she loves you she never lets go. ----
i would be lying to you guys if i said i didn't know what she would look like if she was a real child >> this story definitely involves a dream of mine : she claps and claps while I'm cheering her on with a treat in hand as the sweet dream turns into a nightmare of her MORPHING into a little girl slowly walking towards me with her hands out saying ... "mama, mama " [ITS CREEPY because i now know what she would look like and i can't look her in the eye long enough because im scared she will turn one day] i dare you to imagine your pups as a real child ... you will never look at them the same. ( haha )

you may get to meet pais (and her little brother) @ H&Co. from time to time : so keep your eye out for little 8lb pais !! OH and Y E S ... it took me 3 years to grow out her top knot. ( its her signature )

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meet V I N O , vino is a 4 year old shih-tzu mix and he is the most loving dog ever ! he is obsessed with people & kids ! i am pretty sure he is convinced that when people come over they have come for one purpose and one purpose only : to play FETCH !! i swear he would rather die of a heart attack with pure happiness instead of stop playing fetch. 

vino was a gift to eric for his birthday ! i chose vino with my best friend maddie + took him to her house + bathed him + wrapped him in a box with a bow and took him home for eric to be completely surprised ! eric is his best friend and it will b me rare if you see one without the other ! #besties it's so cute to see how attached pais & vino become as well. ( it took some time ) haha. 

you may get to meet vino ( and his big sister ) @ H&Co. from time to time : so keep your eye out for vino !